Custodial Wallet

A safe, secure, custodial wallet where you can confidently store all your digital assets.

Secure and Compliant

Our company’s expertise in the finance industry has helped us develop a safe and secure way of storing assets, The legal custody of any asset has never been so easy.

Simple portfolio management

Managing your investments can be complicated. You need to keep track of where each asset is stored and how it’s protected. This can take time away from the things you enjoy, like growing your investments and spending time with family.

My Investment

That's why we created USafe – for people who want to focus on what they do best while letting us handle their digital assets.

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USafe Frequently Asked Questions

A: Usafe is a custodian for holding the assets of the projects funded through our platforms.

A: You control your digital assets through our self-custodial wallet.

A: You are free to move your assets from your wallet at any time.

A: Usafe do not charge the wallet holders for their services.

A: All the assets are registered through a SEC transfer agent.

A: You access your wallet by logging in to the client login section of our platform.

A: At present no. We will be launching an upgrade in the near future to support cryptocurrencies.

A: No, Usafe does not hold any personal information.

A: Yes, please use the contact us button.

A: Usafe is not regulated. However we utilize a SEC regulated transfer agent for all transfers.
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